Aust S & P 200 28 01 2011

Aust S &  P 200  28 01 2011
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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Here is a good place for information .. and its free

We suggest that you go here for good up to date information at Australasian Investment Review. and sign up for free. We recommend that you look at Dr Shane Oliver's insights and newsletters. He is Head of Investment Strategy and chief economist at AMP Capital investors. To save any subscription money, just Google his name or go free to There appears to be many companies referencing or linking to Dr Shane Oliver's opinions, including Eureka report, etc and he certainly appears to be "on the money" (correct). Look back in his archives to see his earlier opinions. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, by starting your research from scratch.. you just need to find ethical and honest articles and opinions, read and evaluate what they have to say. Learn as much as you can, then make your own judgement. Remember we are not financial advisors.. Sampson management Services (SMS) educate and inform only... We are Assett Management Consultants- We attempt to teach you about risk & how to measure that risk according to the international standards on Quality, Environment, OHS, and Risk management in an integrated approach. Reference to standards: AS/NZS/ISO 9001, AS/NZS/ISO 14001, AS/NZS/ISO 4804, AS/NZS/ISO 4360.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's august - 1 month into the new financial year

Food costs are up, Petrol is up, share market is down. There's gloom and doom everywhere.
Let's take a break from the sharemarket training and have a look at our "Musos" site.
When things are bad- get creative!

go to

Even Muscians NEED to learn how to set up their music business, how to keep records, how to maximise their costs and get a tax refund. They also need to know about copyright law, and how to protect themselves from lawsuits. part of running a business means that y ou keep up to date with the laws of the land. You have to pay tax ... and that means keep records.
" Give to caesar what is caesar's" .
Musos also need to understand contract law and to read agreements.
Learning to negotiate and get a win-win result is extremely important. It's a skill.
We will help you.
write to Sean at and look at Lloyd (the singer) at his photos and drawings at
contact us at

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

how to make an educated guess.

Renee asked
"heyy nanna,I was just wondering what you meant by guess?" Well, deciding which one to invest in - is really making a thoughtful guess.. because there is no sure way to predict the future... tea leaves and crystal balls not included.
when I make a guess (or trying to decide if I should buy) I look up each company in asx /company research and get the full page which shows announcements etc.
then prices/company research/
I have the list of companies beside me so I can take notes. I give each a plus or a minus, or put them on a scale of 1-10.

The first thing I do in this case, is look at the chart for any spikes.. then I go back to the announcements around the time of the spike. A spike in the price means that there was big buying.. so I want to know why. It could be after a company announcement at their shareholders meeting, where the general manager will give talk or a presentation on what/where/when/why the company intends to go and do.

I look at the spread in the high and low for the year (on the little price chart.)
I am interested if this company is rising or falling in it's share price? Are they at a low? could they be expected to rise back to their high? or go higher? I look at volume, which tells me how many shares are being bought or sold.

I also look at yahoo and type in the finance investing section the code plus .ax (.ax means aussie stock not a US stock)
eg say and it comes up with all their information. You can learn to understand their finance details, look at their profile, and especially look at ownership and inside transactions. to see who has been buying. Of course some of these are not up to date, but some are.

go to
and look at the sidebar.

for example I went there and typed in BMX.AX and this is their page.

Now in this case there was a spike. and no announcement. So why? did they know something about the vic government announcement? which can be read on ...Here is an link to the story.

I might also write to the finance/investing stock talk forum

I read what others are saying and I ask questions. someone answered with this link --aipho.pdf MCO

In this case I have also looked at the vic governments minerals website. I noticed that a few companies have been mentioned. like Dart mining, DTM . They had a big spike too at the same time. so I follow them up. Their share price went from 11c to 20c now 18cents.
I'm still on the GO GOLD GO hunt so I put them all on a watchlist in Yahoo and put in their current prices, and 1000 shares each. I will watch these to see if any suddenly increase. although I really want to buy a few before they spike, to increase our chances.

Another thing I do is checkout the high volume or gainers for the day on Yahoo and asx. I f you have a watchlist, your codes will be highlighted in pink.

I could also google some keyword like "victorian gold find mining companies involved" and then follow through. It does take time, but research is what increases your chances of being right.

A good guess is better than a bad guess. I call it an educated guess.
That's is what this blog is about. learning, sharing, educating.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gold rush is on

The Gold rush is on....go to this story and have a look at potentially the biggest gold deposits ever found in Australia.

Don't forget to promote my shares newsletter to your friends dads and Mums... $1.00 a week for emailed hot tips. 52.00 a year is all it takes.!
the email me at and say sign me up for tips, and i reply with a pay pal button. they check and click and pay with pay pal..It's sp easy and it will help fund this portfolio.

story here

Then try to hunt down, the companies which might be exploring this area.
There may be more than one. I do know that SML Synergy metals - are one working in the area north of Bendigo. Right now they are cheap.. last week they were 4cents. check them out on the asx.
Look up others and see if you can find a good prospect. see if they would be worth some of yours (and mine) hard earned savings. you could try SML, BDG, MYC,MCO, HEG, GDR, GBM, CGT if you check then out in yahoo you have to add .ax to the code in the finance /investing pages. It just means aussie stocks.
The race is on kids... get moving.. Be part of a modern day internet gold rush...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Good news, bad news, good news.

Hi kids,

Well the bad news first.
GDA Gondwanna had a consolidation a few months ago - where they reduced everyones' shares by 1:10. That means the 1000 I gave you is now only 100. But in theory they should have been now 30 cents each instead of 3 cents. (ie price when it happened.)
But they fell instead, and even now are not worth 10 times what I paid, (which was 5cents ea. = $50.00)
so WHY do they do a consolidation? probably they think they will look better if their shares are "worth" more than 3 cents. Maybe it reduces the shares issued and they can issue more later. I'm not sure. You investigate and tell me. But I prefer to have 35,000 instead of the now 3500, because I can sell some (if they double by 100% to 6 cents and still keep some.) The chances of a doubling from 30 cents to 60 cents in one go is lower.

Good news 1. This week, GDA sent notice of giving some free shares and some options. 1:8 shares plus 3 options for every 5 shares held. so you do your maths. how many of these free ones will be yours? based on your now share portfolio number of 100.

Good news 2. I feel bad, so I am giving you all another 900 shares in any of the companies below. HAW, AOS, EGO, EXM, GPN, LKO, MBP, MHL, MPJ, NWT, QUR, SML, RBY.
I hope and expect you will investigate them on the website.
LOOK AND SEE WHAT THEY DO, and decide which one you think has the best prospects for the shares TO RISE AND MAKE A PROFIT.

I want you to realise that while you can read, you can learn, and earn.

Then you must email me and say what company and its code, you want. I'll be interested to see what companies you think are the best ones in this group of 13. I am hoping you will be able to answer a few questions, based on the Learners and P platers pages linked below, because this is how you learn. You could even just Google them (by their full names) or go to and checkout their codes in finance and investing.

You must reply to receive.
Hurry, don't miss out.
bye for now,
Nanny (your Granny)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A cobweb can be a metaphor for many things. especially the web - the Internet - which has little search engine spiders crawling all over it for new feed..

I watched the BBC David Attenboroughs "Life in the Undergrowth" and he exposed a lot of things about spiders..
some - like the trapdoor, jump out at their prey, others like the Aussie red back make vertical curtain webs to catch insects.

Others make a large single web which they defend against the smaller thief spiders, who come and steal their "catch of the day". The small ones creep across the web, anchor the prey, and cut the lines, and make their escape.

Still others, are more collaborative, and they build masses of cobwebs all connected to each other.
They are small spiders (English ones) BUT their MASSIVE cobweb can catch a small bird and then they have a meal big enough to share. Which they do!
They are a community, much like the internet.
When we collaborate and share, we can achieve much more.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rich DADS poor KIDS

Is this you?
Daddy has always provided everything and you don't pay board, you don't go to work, and really you don't need much money?
You Don't NEED much, and what is worse you aren't motivated to provide for yourself or your own future..

You have to get Motivated......
You have to turn an idea into an EMOTIONAL NEED..
You have to WANT something. (even if that is just to succeed)
You need to learn how to Challenge yourself.
and sometimes you have to fail to succeed.

You have to learn that 'you are responsible for your own future'.
Follow your interest.. and turn your hobby or your passion into a business.
That will improve your chance of success.
learn how to start a small business, read a balance sheet, profit and loss statement and learn how to write a business plan. learn about tax minimisation and start your own little business.
Investing in the share market is a good place to start.

Remember we are not financial advisors.. Sampson management Services (SMS) educate and inform only...We trade as Asset Management Consultants- we teach you about risk and how to measure that risk according to the international standards on Quality, Environment, OHS, and Risk management in an integrated approach. Ref standards AS/NZS/ISO 90o1, AS/NZS/ISOISO 14001, AS/NZS/ISO4804, AS/NZS/ISO 4360.

go to our pages at
and realise that learning is a life long achievement.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What is a Candlestick and why learn Maths

What is a Candlestick and why learn Maths?
read my file and learn what the Japanese called candlesticks in the 1600's and how they used these to PREDICT whether the price of rice would rise or fall.

The Power of CandleStick Charting
For an example of a candlestic chart for FDL Flinders diamonds is on the right side of the blog.

Mega's Note: To see how to analyse the candlestick chart results - free - go to
This site is provided by a person in Turkey – promoting a technique developed by a Japanese for anyone who wishes to learn.. like us in Australia!
The site below teaches you for a fee..of course! But the explanation is good. You can do candlestick charts in your on line market free software.
The Power of CandleStick Charting
Candlestick charting is great for traders wanting an extra edge in their quest for profits - this is due to the way the candle bodies are drawn, that gives a better insight that is visual, and shows trader psychology. More traders than ever are using candlestick charts due to the extra trading edge they can get with this form of charting. Candlestick charts are not new, and have been used for hundreds of years by Japanese traders to predict and act on market movements. Candlestick charting giving greater insight into human psychology
In the 1700's, Homma, a Japanese trader in rice, noticed how the price of rice was influenced by human psychology as much as the supply and demand situation. Homma used candlestick charts to trade rice and amassed a huge fortune in the markets. In fact, it was rumored he never to have had a single losing trade!
Human psychology has never changed, and has remained constant over time - candlestick charting is therefore just as useful today, as it was hundreds of years ago.
So why use Candlestick Charts?
1. They complement other Technical ToolsYou can use candlestick charts as you would use the common bar chart, and you can combine them with traditional market indicators. Candlestick charts are a great way to spot opportunities, and then filter, and time trades with other indicators.
2. Spotting trend changesBecause of the way candlestick charts are viewed, they can give warnings of market reversals, far more visually than traditional bar charts. If you look at candlestick charting, the human psychology of the move literally jumps out the page at you.
3. Straightforward to useCandlestick charts use, the same open, high, low and close data that traditional bar charts use, and are easy to draw. In addition, there are many packages like supercharts and tradestation that will draw them automatically for traders. The different candle names are also easy to remember.
4. Define market momentumsThe way the candlestick chart is drawn not only gives the direction of price, but also the momentum behind the move.The candlestick chart graphically illustrates the relationship behind the open, high, low, and close by the body - and adds an extra visual edge, due to the way they are drawn. The candlestick has a wide part, called the "real body." This real body represents the range between the open and close of that day's trading.
When filled in black, the real body means the close was lower than the open.
If the real body is empty, it means the opposite - the close was higher than the open.
Above and below the real body we see the "shadows." We see these as the wicks of the candle (which give them their name), and the shadows actually show the high and the low of the day's trading.
If the upper shadow on the filled-in body is short, it indicates that the open that day was closer to the high of the day. On the other hand, a short upper shadow on a white, or unfilled body shows the close was near the high.
A Visual Aid to Give You an Edge
Candlestick charts should be used rather than traditional bar charts because they give you an extra visual dimension.
Regardless, of whether you are a day trader, position trader, system trader or a trader who likes to make your own trades, there is really nothing to dislike about candlestick charts!
Easy and fun to use, and providing a greater insight into market moves, along with the ability to use in any type of trading, means if you aren’t already using candlestick charting, then its time to start.
To learn more on how you can incorporate the Power of CandleStick Charting into your trading, please click here.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

What would be a good investment?

I wrote a tip for NWT and why on my and thought I would explain it in plain English for you. I'll also add how to and where to go.

One way to FIND a potential share to invest in, is to do this.

Go to Yahoo actives (volume leaders) first and then go to asx volume leaders.

and compare the results. They are a little different.
Then go to the Yahoo gainers.
In the volumes you will see the top 20 traded by the millions on that day. Which ones went up and which ones went down and by the %. You want to see the volumes because that tells you where the herd has been grazing. The "Herd", move about by rumour and announcement and tips. So go to your company's announcements to see what they are telling the market.(the herd)

When you see the shares you might be able to buy, in your price range.. example 1 cent to 10 cents. write down their codes. -create a word doc, copy and put them in and save. Add the links for later. You will notice the yahoo codes have added .AX on the end.
You need to add .AX on yahoo so they will look for Australian stock market codes. Naturally you are going to choose the ones which are rising.
Then go to and type in the company code in the company research page. . example NWT, GDA, GNL, FDL etc.
When you are on the asx homepage you will see a graph of the Australian share market, and the top 50 BIG companies listed with ^ in red or green. Your company won't be in the list because the top 50 includes only big companies which cost a lot of money for each share. Like the banks, BHP, Rio tinto etc. Look at them anyway, so you can see how much a company can trade each share for. Rio Tinto was over 100.00 each.

Then create a watchlist on or on Yahoo (its free). put in your codes and the current price with an amount for each. Say 1,000 shares. The watchlist adjusts automatically each day and tells you how much you would have made or lost on the day and how much money you would have accumulated.

Remember, when you sell, you get your investment back and PLUS your profit or if you sell at a loss the loss comes off your invesment.

Go to to read the tip which is selling at only .006 - less than 1 cent each.

Remember we (Sampson Management Services) are not financial advisors, we are Asset management Consultants who advise and teach on minimising risks according to the international standard ISO 4360. We teach about Quality ISo 9000 standard and also integrated systems for business management and improvement. These include Quality, Environmental, OHS and Risk management standards.

Friday, January 11, 2008

What's the difference between Rich kids and Poor kids?

The 1st difference is this-
Education. Education. Education

NOT Ordinary education. NOT school. NOT the streets. I'll show you what I mean.

You do have to be able to read and write and have sufficient maths to calculate and manage your own and other people's money. Riches is about making and managing money.
Most importantly - you have to be willing to learn.

The 2nd difference is Creativity and an ability to solve problems. Problems are precious pearls. They teach you things. Problems solved are an inspiration. They teach you that you can now solve the next problem. Life's journey is all about solving problems.

The 3rd is having parents and relatives with a supportive Vision and experience. But that is not absolutely necessary. You can learn to be supportive of yourself. Treat yourself like your best friend.

I grew up poor and my mother said I might get a job in a factory or better still - work in a shop. My father said I had to leave school as soon as I turned 15, get a job, and leave home. The truant officer said I was so clever I could go to university. I wasn't even sure what University was.
I hung my head because I knew I wouldn't be allowed. I had no hope.
I said that my father would not let me go or pay for me.
The truant Officer didn't have enough understanding to tell me that I could go to University when I was 21 as a mature student, without my higher education level.
I wish he had given me some hope.

As I left school, I said to myself. "I'm not going to work in a factory. I'm going to work in an office, and one day I will own a shop", and I did. I started my own shop, designed and spent 3 months making the first lot of "stock".
I worked as a "bookkeeper" and later started an antique shop. I managed my shops as well as going to work. I went to university many years later and did very well, and changed careers.

So I know how much harder it is when you don't have a supportive family, but you can do it if you really want to. You just have to try and find what interests you. Why? Because you immerse yourself in what you enjoy. You don't notice how long it takes or how hard you work. If you are interested in your work as if it was a hobby, then it doesn't feel like work at all.

The 4th IS HAVING a belief based on what you have done before. Confidence. A willingness to try. Determination. An interest in learning.

The 5th is Being interested in people and how things work. People who try to make everyone feel welcome and at ease are what we call "people people". They are friendly, optimistic and supportive of others. They are the ones who succeed because good people want to work with them. They get the best out of others. They lift you up and treat you as a valued person.

the 6th is about being loved. Knowing you are loved. Loving yourself and wanting the best in life. This Page is about teaching you about making a life for yourself and about the business of making business.

The 7th is about FEELING RICH. Rich kids go about feeling rich. Their dad does this or that, and they have money in the bank. Poor kids FEEL poor, BUT WE ARE ALL RICH! Feeling rich is not just about money. It's about feeling grateful. Feeling lucky to be alive. Feeling healthy and free. Feeling the sun on our back and the wind in our hair. Feeling rich attracts riches! Why? Because when people feel rich they are usually smiling and look confident. They look friendly and trustworthy. People feel attracted to them because they want to be like that. If they are in business they will go to their shop or cafe or service station. Makes sense doesn't it? You have to be likeable if you want people to like you back.

8TH. Why should you want to be rich? (or just comfortable) Rich means having enough money to live. Not having the despair of living on the dole or unemployment payments.
Not being treated like a second class citizen.
Not being treated like a loser.
You want to feel proud of yourself and not owe anyone or anything.
You need money in life to pay for your food, clothing, house, car etc.

BUT RICHES means more than that. Riches helps you to help others. Riches means you can hope for a better future. And the most important thing about riches is that it teaches you to have goals.

You learn how to work for an "emotional goal." Emotional goals are the only true motivators. Motivation is what keeps you going.

You learn how to turn a wish into reality. A goal into an "emotional reward".
Like a red Ferrari. You aren't learning and trying just to become rich. You are doing this to get what you want! WHATEVER THAT IS. It could be that RED FERRARI or another car or house or holiday. It could just be the feeling of small step success. The pleasure of actually succeeding at what you said you would do. An emotional goal is setting a target for whatever you really want. BUT you have to want it.

The 9th and 10th reasons will be added later. When you have $7.00 (USD) you can invest in my book called "Rich kids Poor Kids". email me at and go to

Remember, Rich kids are taught about "riches" and richness.
They expect to be Rich.
I am trying to teach you about Riches and Richness here.

I want to share what I have learnt with you. Think of me as your University Granny.

Read the letter below. and you will start to see what I am talking about. I'll add more as time permits.

1st business Letter to my Grandchildren,
You might not have heard me talk about your shares being like little ships on the harbour, but the analogy is true. Think of them as small sailboats.
GDA (the codename) Gondwanna resources being one of about 2009 companies on the Australian stock market. The stock market is like a bank where people buy and sell shares (small parts of a company-usually one millionth. Think of an orange and break it up into all the tiny sections / fibres and customers buying and selling the shares. The prices go up when there are more people wanting to buy too few shares. The price goes down when there are few buyers and too many shares waiting to be sold.)

I said that these little boats are affected by what is happening in America and other places (China's boom etc). Things like - if a tsunami was about to happen, all the boats would try to go out to sea to save themselves, but the harbour entrance is narrow and they wouldn't all get out, so some would have to ride the waves, and hope for the best. Some would be swamped, while others would "get outa there" and sell (or jump overboard).
The trouble with selling in a storm is that you lose money.

Mega's first rule of investing is "don't lose money". If you don't sell you don't really lose- only on paper. While you hold and have a balance in your account, there is a high chance of the price rising again.
Well right now, America is going into a recession and the share market (the people who trade shares) is worried.

So if the 1000 shares I gave you were picked wisely you should be ok. Remember, they only cost less than 2 cents, (.019) so any rise is a bonus. the value of the redeemable voucher was $19.00 when I bought them but on the day I gave them to you, they were worth .055 or $55.00.
In 2001-7 years ago I bought 200 shares in David Jones -DJS- for $1.19 each. a very small parcel, but now they are worth $5.30 each so if I cashed them in I would get nearly one thousand dollars. If I leave them there they will probably grow a bit more.
Anyway, the share market is "led" by herd thinking. When the herd rush to buy a stock (or sell) others follow and the price is pushed up or down. Sometimes the herd panics and there is a stampede. So, you really want to know which way the herd is going, or put it in sailing terms- "which way the wind is blowing".

One way to find out is to look at the volume sold. These are quoted in the 100 thousands. and there is a page on the asx which tells you the highest volumes of buys and sells. Here it is below. Jan 11th 2008 was another down day when the market FELL by 12%-15%, (5 down days in a row) BUT GDA still had a high volume and sold for .044. They are still more than double their buy price.

Remember, rich kids are taught about "riches" and richness. They expect to be rich.

I am trying to teach you about riches here.

You might notice the pink coloured ones on the asx - they are on my watchlist so they are highlighted. You can make a watchlist on the asx for yourself. you can just put in companies you have "guessed"- and watch to see how they go. go to this link below on any day to see the high volumes. last means the latest price. this page does have cheapies -under 10 cents - listed if they have a high volume. If you go to Yahoo finance / investing / gainers , volume or losers,you won't see the cheapies under ten cents listed. They don't show them. So right now, I will be going through the cheapies here and putting them on a watchlist and may be buy some if their chart look as if it is rising. The asx webpage teaches you heaps free about investing. look onthe side bar and you will see education. go there and learn for free. I wish I had learnt all about it when I was your age. visit me at

I'd like to think that this page has helped just one person. so send me your comments. It makes the effort worthwhile. Even Grannies need a supportive environment.

Bye for now, Nanny
go to and look.

Good luck kids, soon you will be rich, and if not, you'll know how to trade shares and research your own. You will know that you could be richer, if you tried.