Aust S & P 200 28 01 2011

Aust S &  P 200  28 01 2011
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Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's august - 1 month into the new financial year

Food costs are up, Petrol is up, share market is down. There's gloom and doom everywhere.
Let's take a break from the sharemarket training and have a look at our "Musos" site.
When things are bad- get creative!

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Even Muscians NEED to learn how to set up their music business, how to keep records, how to maximise their costs and get a tax refund. They also need to know about copyright law, and how to protect themselves from lawsuits. part of running a business means that y ou keep up to date with the laws of the land. You have to pay tax ... and that means keep records.
" Give to caesar what is caesar's" .
Musos also need to understand contract law and to read agreements.
Learning to negotiate and get a win-win result is extremely important. It's a skill.
We will help you.
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