Aust S & P 200 28 01 2011

Aust S &  P 200  28 01 2011
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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rich DADS poor KIDS

Is this you?
Daddy has always provided everything and you don't pay board, you don't go to work, and really you don't need much money?
You Don't NEED much, and what is worse you aren't motivated to provide for yourself or your own future..

You have to get Motivated......
You have to turn an idea into an EMOTIONAL NEED..
You have to WANT something. (even if that is just to succeed)
You need to learn how to Challenge yourself.
and sometimes you have to fail to succeed.

You have to learn that 'you are responsible for your own future'.
Follow your interest.. and turn your hobby or your passion into a business.
That will improve your chance of success.
learn how to start a small business, read a balance sheet, profit and loss statement and learn how to write a business plan. learn about tax minimisation and start your own little business.
Investing in the share market is a good place to start.

Remember we are not financial advisors.. Sampson management Services (SMS) educate and inform only...We trade as Asset Management Consultants- we teach you about risk and how to measure that risk according to the international standards on Quality, Environment, OHS, and Risk management in an integrated approach. Ref standards AS/NZS/ISO 90o1, AS/NZS/ISOISO 14001, AS/NZS/ISO4804, AS/NZS/ISO 4360.

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and realise that learning is a life long achievement.