Aust S & P 200 28 01 2011

Aust S &  P 200  28 01 2011
this is a world worry

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Here is a good place for information .. and its free

We suggest that you go here for good up to date information at Australasian Investment Review. and sign up for free. We recommend that you look at Dr Shane Oliver's insights and newsletters. He is Head of Investment Strategy and chief economist at AMP Capital investors. To save any subscription money, just Google his name or go free to There appears to be many companies referencing or linking to Dr Shane Oliver's opinions, including Eureka report, etc and he certainly appears to be "on the money" (correct). Look back in his archives to see his earlier opinions. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, by starting your research from scratch.. you just need to find ethical and honest articles and opinions, read and evaluate what they have to say. Learn as much as you can, then make your own judgement. Remember we are not financial advisors.. Sampson management Services (SMS) educate and inform only... We are Assett Management Consultants- We attempt to teach you about risk & how to measure that risk according to the international standards on Quality, Environment, OHS, and Risk management in an integrated approach. Reference to standards: AS/NZS/ISO 9001, AS/NZS/ISO 14001, AS/NZS/ISO 4804, AS/NZS/ISO 4360.