Aust S & P 200 28 01 2011

Aust S &  P 200  28 01 2011
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Saturday, January 19, 2008

What would be a good investment?

I wrote a tip for NWT and why on my and thought I would explain it in plain English for you. I'll also add how to and where to go.

One way to FIND a potential share to invest in, is to do this.

Go to Yahoo actives (volume leaders) first and then go to asx volume leaders.

and compare the results. They are a little different.
Then go to the Yahoo gainers.
In the volumes you will see the top 20 traded by the millions on that day. Which ones went up and which ones went down and by the %. You want to see the volumes because that tells you where the herd has been grazing. The "Herd", move about by rumour and announcement and tips. So go to your company's announcements to see what they are telling the market.(the herd)

When you see the shares you might be able to buy, in your price range.. example 1 cent to 10 cents. write down their codes. -create a word doc, copy and put them in and save. Add the links for later. You will notice the yahoo codes have added .AX on the end.
You need to add .AX on yahoo so they will look for Australian stock market codes. Naturally you are going to choose the ones which are rising.
Then go to and type in the company code in the company research page. . example NWT, GDA, GNL, FDL etc.
When you are on the asx homepage you will see a graph of the Australian share market, and the top 50 BIG companies listed with ^ in red or green. Your company won't be in the list because the top 50 includes only big companies which cost a lot of money for each share. Like the banks, BHP, Rio tinto etc. Look at them anyway, so you can see how much a company can trade each share for. Rio Tinto was over 100.00 each.

Then create a watchlist on or on Yahoo (its free). put in your codes and the current price with an amount for each. Say 1,000 shares. The watchlist adjusts automatically each day and tells you how much you would have made or lost on the day and how much money you would have accumulated.

Remember, when you sell, you get your investment back and PLUS your profit or if you sell at a loss the loss comes off your invesment.

Go to to read the tip which is selling at only .006 - less than 1 cent each.

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