Aust S & P 200 28 01 2011

Aust S &  P 200  28 01 2011
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Friday, January 11, 2008

What's the difference between Rich kids and Poor kids?

The 1st difference is this-
Education. Education. Education

NOT Ordinary education. NOT school. NOT the streets. I'll show you what I mean.

You do have to be able to read and write and have sufficient maths to calculate and manage your own and other people's money. Riches is about making and managing money.
Most importantly - you have to be willing to learn.

The 2nd difference is Creativity and an ability to solve problems. Problems are precious pearls. They teach you things. Problems solved are an inspiration. They teach you that you can now solve the next problem. Life's journey is all about solving problems.

The 3rd is having parents and relatives with a supportive Vision and experience. But that is not absolutely necessary. You can learn to be supportive of yourself. Treat yourself like your best friend.

I grew up poor and my mother said I might get a job in a factory or better still - work in a shop. My father said I had to leave school as soon as I turned 15, get a job, and leave home. The truant officer said I was so clever I could go to university. I wasn't even sure what University was.
I hung my head because I knew I wouldn't be allowed. I had no hope.
I said that my father would not let me go or pay for me.
The truant Officer didn't have enough understanding to tell me that I could go to University when I was 21 as a mature student, without my higher education level.
I wish he had given me some hope.

As I left school, I said to myself. "I'm not going to work in a factory. I'm going to work in an office, and one day I will own a shop", and I did. I started my own shop, designed and spent 3 months making the first lot of "stock".
I worked as a "bookkeeper" and later started an antique shop. I managed my shops as well as going to work. I went to university many years later and did very well, and changed careers.

So I know how much harder it is when you don't have a supportive family, but you can do it if you really want to. You just have to try and find what interests you. Why? Because you immerse yourself in what you enjoy. You don't notice how long it takes or how hard you work. If you are interested in your work as if it was a hobby, then it doesn't feel like work at all.

The 4th IS HAVING a belief based on what you have done before. Confidence. A willingness to try. Determination. An interest in learning.

The 5th is Being interested in people and how things work. People who try to make everyone feel welcome and at ease are what we call "people people". They are friendly, optimistic and supportive of others. They are the ones who succeed because good people want to work with them. They get the best out of others. They lift you up and treat you as a valued person.

the 6th is about being loved. Knowing you are loved. Loving yourself and wanting the best in life. This Page is about teaching you about making a life for yourself and about the business of making business.

The 7th is about FEELING RICH. Rich kids go about feeling rich. Their dad does this or that, and they have money in the bank. Poor kids FEEL poor, BUT WE ARE ALL RICH! Feeling rich is not just about money. It's about feeling grateful. Feeling lucky to be alive. Feeling healthy and free. Feeling the sun on our back and the wind in our hair. Feeling rich attracts riches! Why? Because when people feel rich they are usually smiling and look confident. They look friendly and trustworthy. People feel attracted to them because they want to be like that. If they are in business they will go to their shop or cafe or service station. Makes sense doesn't it? You have to be likeable if you want people to like you back.

8TH. Why should you want to be rich? (or just comfortable) Rich means having enough money to live. Not having the despair of living on the dole or unemployment payments.
Not being treated like a second class citizen.
Not being treated like a loser.
You want to feel proud of yourself and not owe anyone or anything.
You need money in life to pay for your food, clothing, house, car etc.

BUT RICHES means more than that. Riches helps you to help others. Riches means you can hope for a better future. And the most important thing about riches is that it teaches you to have goals.

You learn how to work for an "emotional goal." Emotional goals are the only true motivators. Motivation is what keeps you going.

You learn how to turn a wish into reality. A goal into an "emotional reward".
Like a red Ferrari. You aren't learning and trying just to become rich. You are doing this to get what you want! WHATEVER THAT IS. It could be that RED FERRARI or another car or house or holiday. It could just be the feeling of small step success. The pleasure of actually succeeding at what you said you would do. An emotional goal is setting a target for whatever you really want. BUT you have to want it.

The 9th and 10th reasons will be added later. When you have $7.00 (USD) you can invest in my book called "Rich kids Poor Kids". email me at and go to

Remember, Rich kids are taught about "riches" and richness.
They expect to be Rich.
I am trying to teach you about Riches and Richness here.

I want to share what I have learnt with you. Think of me as your University Granny.

Read the letter below. and you will start to see what I am talking about. I'll add more as time permits.

1st business Letter to my Grandchildren,
You might not have heard me talk about your shares being like little ships on the harbour, but the analogy is true. Think of them as small sailboats.
GDA (the codename) Gondwanna resources being one of about 2009 companies on the Australian stock market. The stock market is like a bank where people buy and sell shares (small parts of a company-usually one millionth. Think of an orange and break it up into all the tiny sections / fibres and customers buying and selling the shares. The prices go up when there are more people wanting to buy too few shares. The price goes down when there are few buyers and too many shares waiting to be sold.)

I said that these little boats are affected by what is happening in America and other places (China's boom etc). Things like - if a tsunami was about to happen, all the boats would try to go out to sea to save themselves, but the harbour entrance is narrow and they wouldn't all get out, so some would have to ride the waves, and hope for the best. Some would be swamped, while others would "get outa there" and sell (or jump overboard).
The trouble with selling in a storm is that you lose money.

Mega's first rule of investing is "don't lose money". If you don't sell you don't really lose- only on paper. While you hold and have a balance in your account, there is a high chance of the price rising again.
Well right now, America is going into a recession and the share market (the people who trade shares) is worried.

So if the 1000 shares I gave you were picked wisely you should be ok. Remember, they only cost less than 2 cents, (.019) so any rise is a bonus. the value of the redeemable voucher was $19.00 when I bought them but on the day I gave them to you, they were worth .055 or $55.00.
In 2001-7 years ago I bought 200 shares in David Jones -DJS- for $1.19 each. a very small parcel, but now they are worth $5.30 each so if I cashed them in I would get nearly one thousand dollars. If I leave them there they will probably grow a bit more.
Anyway, the share market is "led" by herd thinking. When the herd rush to buy a stock (or sell) others follow and the price is pushed up or down. Sometimes the herd panics and there is a stampede. So, you really want to know which way the herd is going, or put it in sailing terms- "which way the wind is blowing".

One way to find out is to look at the volume sold. These are quoted in the 100 thousands. and there is a page on the asx which tells you the highest volumes of buys and sells. Here it is below. Jan 11th 2008 was another down day when the market FELL by 12%-15%, (5 down days in a row) BUT GDA still had a high volume and sold for .044. They are still more than double their buy price.

Remember, rich kids are taught about "riches" and richness. They expect to be rich.

I am trying to teach you about riches here.

You might notice the pink coloured ones on the asx - they are on my watchlist so they are highlighted. You can make a watchlist on the asx for yourself. you can just put in companies you have "guessed"- and watch to see how they go. go to this link below on any day to see the high volumes. last means the latest price. this page does have cheapies -under 10 cents - listed if they have a high volume. If you go to Yahoo finance / investing / gainers , volume or losers,you won't see the cheapies under ten cents listed. They don't show them. So right now, I will be going through the cheapies here and putting them on a watchlist and may be buy some if their chart look as if it is rising. The asx webpage teaches you heaps free about investing. look onthe side bar and you will see education. go there and learn for free. I wish I had learnt all about it when I was your age. visit me at

I'd like to think that this page has helped just one person. so send me your comments. It makes the effort worthwhile. Even Grannies need a supportive environment.

Bye for now, Nanny
go to and look.

Good luck kids, soon you will be rich, and if not, you'll know how to trade shares and research your own. You will know that you could be richer, if you tried.